Why parents need camp resources?

In a time and age when it’s rare to see a child who walks alone to school, the thought of packing off your “little ones” to sleep-away camp can be nerve-wrecking, both for you and your children. This parental instinct to protect their offspring often deprives kids of some important developmental milestones. Hence, it’s important for parents to let them go and welcome them back ‘transformed’ as a better, stronger, more confident beings.

With summer breaks almost here, it’s time to start scouring for camps. Sending a child to camp is a big decision on the part of any parent, and an important one too. And if you are a first-timer, things can be all the more hard.

In that case, having an out and out information on things like accreditation, health and safety, education, goals and values of a camp will help you to pick the right one and save you the anxiety. Here rolls in the importance of parent resources. It is these resources that connects families to camp where they can learn more about camp experience.


Camp resources help parents to understand how and why camps van be beneficial and life-changing experience for your child. Right from knowing what to pack into your child’s trunk to why you should let your child attend a summer camp, these resources answer all possible questions that can pique your mind.

The Internet world is teeming with websites flurried with a wad of resources to help calm all parents’ nerves by answering all their doubts and feeding their minds with convincing answers. Hence, the need for camp resources for parents. Camp Navigator tells you how you can utilize the camp resources to the fullest.

Read Everything!
Read all the information. Go through the application thoroughly and fill out the form correctly so that the camp knows all about your child. Also, read the parent packet and other information and ensure that your child has a great camp experience.

Camp is a learning experience
No matter how opposed you are to sending your child to a camp, know that by holding back your kid, you are only robbing him off an important opportunity to learn, to explore a world bigger than his neighborhood. So let go! Doing so will help your child develop autonomy and a stronger sense of self It will introduce him to new friends, help him learn new social skills, work as a team, be creative and lots more.

Have realistic expectations
Camp, like life, has its highs and lows. Not every moment will be wondrous, nor painful. Encourage your kids to have a reasonable and realistic view of camp, so that they don’t end up being disappointed at the end. Talk about the ups and downs. Your kid should not feel the pressure to succeed and outdo others in a camp. Teach them to have relax and have fun. After all, that is why the camps exist in the first place.

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