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How to host your own backyard summer camp?

How to host your own backyard summer camp?

When you want all the benefits of a camp — like keeping your kids out of your hair and entertained during their summer break without breaking the bank — think of hosting a backyard summer camp? That way, you can ensure that your kids lap up maximum summer fun along with neighborhood friends, all in the comfort of home and under the watchful eyes of yours. Home summer camps are especially good for kindergarten kids who can get a taste of camp before experiencing the real thing. Camp Navigator lists a few thing you will need to consider before you get a camp in place, Read on to know.

Choose your structure
The more campers you have, the freer you will be! But before that, make an estimate of kids you can handle. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests a ratio of one adult to ten 6 to 8 year old. You can run the camp for a week, with parents of each of the child taking one each day. That way, you will save heaploads on childcare.

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