Should you send your introvert child to a summer camp?

Packing off your timid, shy kid to a summer camp might be an unnerving thought. Worry not! Camp Navigator team is here with best tips to help you overcome your worst fears. And the best part is that it could actually do your introvert tyke a world of good.

You can actually start off by identifying if your child is an introvert or not. Introvert children are more reserved in their interactions. They never initiate and think twice before venturing into something new and unknown. And they find peace and energy in solitude unlike the extroverts who renew their energy through social interactions.

What are the most importing things to think about when you send an introvert child to camp?
First, ensure you sending them to a camp of their liking or interest. As it is, they’re going to be super nervous about venturing into a new place, trying out new things, mingling with new people. In that case, it’s good to send them to a place where they can feel somewhat at home. If possible, send your child to a camp along with a friends. That way he/she will have company. If that’s not possible, then opt for a day camp instead of an overnight camp so that your child has an opportunity to have some downtime at night. Also, many camps have Facebook pages where kids can mingle and communicate online. Many introverts are actually very social online. It’s easier for them to interact through the screen than in person. So that might be a way to help prepare them.

If parents are sending their child to an overnight camp, what can they do to make it easier?
You could also let your child carry a personal thing from home, which can help with homesickness. Things like a book or a journal can help them with their downtime.

How does camp help introverts?
Summer Camps are an opportunity for shy kids to develop their social skills and become less afraid of trying something new and adventurous. Camp lay that framework which makes them feel safer, more secure and more confident as they grow up.

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Should you send your introvert child to a summer camp?
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