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How to give your child healthy and happy summer camp experience?
How to be a better camper?
Northampton Tennis Academy announces its tennis summer camp
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How to give your child healthy and happy summer camp experience?

Summer camps help young people build self-confidence, learn to interact with their peers and learn new skills and independence. Parents should be guided by their child’s interests and personality when choosing a program, and look for a camp that provides activities that are of interest to their child and appropriate for their child’s age and skill level.

Campers have many more choices than the traditional hiking, canoeing and water sports. There is a wide range of choices, including specialty sports camps, camps specializing in computer skills, leadership activities, community work, language skills, travel camps, preschool camps for younger children and special-needs camps for children with disabilities.

According to the American Camp Association (ACA), parents rate fun and safety as their most important priorities. When considering a camp for their child, parents should ask how long it has been in business, check with parents of past and returning campers, and check the camp’s reputation at bbb.org.

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How to be a better camper?

For those who realize that ‘camping time’ is equally important as ‘family time’, there is no stopping them from tenting up outdoors, no sooner summer break hits. While camping can be a great learning and fun experience, it’s important to pay heed to a few pointers before you leave home. Whether you are an experienced camper or planning your first camping trip, be sure to mind your manners at the campground. Here are a few suggestions from fellow outdoor enthusiasts on important camping etiquette.

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Northampton Tennis Academy announces its tennis summer camp

Northampton Tennis Academy

Northampton Tennis Academy

Wondering how to keep your child productively busy during this summer break? Camp Navigator advises you to enroll him into his favorite sports camp and see him ace in his choicest game. After all what can be a better way to teach your child a sport and see him having fun doing it.

For those interested in the game of tennis, Northampton Tennis Academy has announced beginner and intermediate level camps for interested kids. Armed with top-rated coaches and avant-garde approach and keeping in line with industry standards, this is the place where you children can learn to play and even fall in love with the game of tennis. But the attractions simply don’t end there. Campers will also get chance to take a dip in the pool everyday as well as enjoy a gamut of other fun activities.

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Some pictures from our glorious past – gallery post

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