Ivy League of Adolescent Summer Camps

If your little one is planning to go big on adventures this summer and wants to try his/her hands in something new and different, Ivy League camp is the place to go! This is one camp that guarantees the best of camping experience and unlimited fun under the care of supervised counselors. And if that isn’t a good enough reason to your child, tell him that every day is a new adventure at the Ivy Camp.

This is one place where kids can experience a summer full of fun and excitement, thanks to the wonderful opportunities it provides, all in a safe and nurturing environment. For all who are wondering what an Ivy League Day Camp is all about, it’s a private summer day camp located in Monmouth County New Jersey.

Accredited by ACA and boasting of best on-campus and off-campus excursions , this one-of-its-kind of camp offers full day, mini day and teen travel programs, all under the supervision of experienced and caring role models (counselors) who constantly egg on the campers to build their self-esteem through well rounded supervised activities.

Campers are placed under the careful supervision of mature staff who know all about social, physical and emotional needs of children. Counselors and Activity Specialists team up to make that initial adjustment to camp an easy one.

Ideal for kids aged between 2-15 years, the camp program is flexible and spans over 8 weeks session. Depending on your and your child’s need and convenience, you can opt for full 8 weeks, minimum of 4 weeks or anything in between.

Ivy League offers an incredible gamut of sports, arts, aquatics and adventure activities to cater to the interests and abilities of all campers. Throughout the summer, the campers can play, learn and have great fun through these premier activities.

Ivy League Day Camp ensures that children learn best through their experiences. It ascertains that kids develop emotional and social skills that complement their intellectual abilities. Exploration, active participation, discovery, and respect for others are the key elements of Ivy League Day Camp.

Through Ivy League Options and Electives, campers can pursue and enjoy both new and old interests. From performing arts, to golf lessons, to weird science and lots more, their unending list of Options and Electives gives expression and independence of choice to all campers.

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