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Campers Turn Out To Be Good Leaders With A Vision
Homesickness At Summer Camp
What every parent should know about the POWER OF WORDS
Raising Daughters
What Makes an Outstanding Junior Theater Program?
How to host your own backyard summer camp?
Ivy League of Adolescent Summer Camps
Tips for selecting best summer camps
Summer Camp FAQs
How good summer camps are?

Campers Turn Out To Be Good Leaders With A Vision

Image credit: girlsleadership.org

Summer camps have taken over the most part of our parenting decisions, and truly the most significant ones. We swear by the idea that summer camps not just help in shaping a child’s summers in most stimulating ways, but also the entire experience as a camper, helps them become confident and explore their strength’s like never before. As a camper they are meant to take challenges in unimaginable ways, and whatever they do, results into something satiating. They work together with like minded fellow campers and role model camp counselors who help them in understanding their own competencies.

Campers become more and more self aware and their learning and training schedules make them prepared for taking decisions for themselves. Being a camper, the child is introduced to life skills and survival skills, also the experience of staying away from their comfort zone prepares them for challenges and facing them at their own perceptions. Every child likes to be independent and this probably is the most hilarious and tiring law of nature. Beginning from when the child learns to keep her head straight, their fight for doing things their own way begins and the challenges of parenting multiply.


Image credit: activitycentersm.com

Leadership is not just a trait which can be developed by looking at leaders, but more to do with personality. Being a leader is about making choices based on self evaluation of a situation, being a leader is about developing trust of peers around, being a leader is to be able to convince that the decision you made is for larger good, and being a leader is about rebounding and coming out stronger despite failures in your way. All of these require a lot of experience and test, which actually is the whole idea behind a summer camp. Camps ideally prepare a child to first explore their potential and interests, find their hidden passion, figure out a way to follow it and finally express the talent in ways unimaginable. And doing so, the camper is trained to be a leader who is willing to go that extra mile and fulfill his or her dreams.

A school education does not just prepare the child as a leader. The education imparted may help the child understand the world in a better way but when the child is put to tasks without parental support and encouragement as a camper, this begins his journey as a leader brimming with courage. Summer camps are not just an extension of school education rather it helps develop an individual as an independent person who not just stands for himself but is ready to take on the world.

Most important leadership skills that a summer camp teaches a camper are to be flexible, learn to accept defeat, rise above their own expectations of self, cooperate and coordinate and also learn the most critical problem solving and decision making skills. As a leader, a camper even as early as age 5 is trained to arrange for their own stuff, challenge fellow campers, work towards winning and also bring their own passion alive. Most often until a summer camp the campers are stuck in their own comfort cocoon, not ready to challenge themselves. But being at summer camps, the child begins to take over his or her own anxiety due to homesickness, learn to make friends with strangers and also find their hidden potentials which they may not even know about.


Image credit: summercampsecrets.org

A summer camp experience is the most wonderful gift you would be giving to your child, and it only progresses your child’d development both personally and professionally. So be very critical while selecting a summer camp for your child. As your preferred partner and guide, we have some really interesting and exclusive insights in summer camp listings in your area. Be sure to check them here and pick your fit now, for the best ones do not last long enough.

Homesickness At Summer Camp

Image credit: sheknows.com

Being away from home sounds as much fun as it is terrifying for some. But the idea of being a part of a summer camp is just so appealing and thrilling that the part where we actually think about our kids staying away from home does not occur until about we drop them off at the camp site. For our little ones the excitement and fun which comes along with anxiety and stress about being alone at the camp, or first time away from home; is just so natural. There would be bouts of depression, pangs of nostalgia and immense homesickness that would scare them at first, but eventually the lifetime experience at summer camp, will help them come out stronger and enriched than ever.

Homesickness is actually real and despite having so many other kids around, campers do face it. Especially if they are away from home on an overnight camp for the first time. Statistics suggest around 90% of the first time campers undergo homesickness and while there are degrees in which they are affected, all camp staff members are trained to handle these situations perfectly. Campers have a strict schedule to attend to and their ice breaking activities for team development are weighed more, in the initial few days. This helps the campers in opening up and finding some adjustment with their situation. Also camp staff members are not just the coach or supporters but they are trained in a way that they become role models and superheroes for the little campers. Looking at them, campers begin to find their passion and explore their interests in an enriching way.


Image credit: sheknows.com

Entire workforce which is a part of the summer camp, focuses first and foremost on getting the camper normalized and adjusted along with giving them a safe and stimulating environment. So we as parents can relax and be assured, our children are being taken care of, in the right way. We must, however, begin preparing our kids way ahead of the summer camp. This will help in reducing the degrees to which they experience homesickness. Explaining and interacting with your child in terms what to expect and how the summer camp schedule goes by, would be a great way of preparing your child for the camp. There are also some factual suggestions which are true for most campers, that is, a child who has spent nights at their friend’s place for sleepover is more likely to adjust quickly. So have your child spend a few nights away from home with his or her friends or cousins to help them become confident of staying away from home.


Image credit: theparentreport.com

There are also suggestive ideas, where camper parents from past years have shared; that emails, notes and photo albums have helped their wards’ in getting over their homesickness quickly. Do send some surprises too, which are not very suggestive on what the child is missing at home, but more helpful in bringing the child to begin enjoying the summer camp. Send their favorite toys or sleeping supplies too along with lovely notes which energizes them. This would comfort them and appease their trauma of being away. Having a cute little cuddly toy makes them feel at home and relaxed too.

Just remember, you have to be more open to communication before the summer camp. Try and be as much expressive and share your camp stories from past to help your child understand how the summer camp day’s go about. Also if there are some doubts, get in touch with camp counselors and directors to get a first hand information on the subject. It is a big milestone in the life of your child and probably the most enriching one in their journey as an independent and confident person. Someone who is ready to take charge of their life in a manner that is perfect for their age and also learn the essential life skills and survival skills which are extremely important along with the education they get.


Image credit: kvr.state.wi.us

So parents, it is our time now, to help our children explore who they are and get inspired to follow their passion and become who they actually want to be. And what better way than a choosing a brilliant summer camp right here which fulfills all of this and so much more, exactly what we dream for our children.

What every parent should know about the POWER OF WORDS

It’s easy to point out mistakes and what is wrong. It’s easy to see when things aren’t good. It’s easy to talk about what is hard or get frustrated because we know our kids are capable of more.

But how do we turn things like this around and build on what is going well in order to make progress towards our goals  – especially when it seems there is a long way to go?

It’s important as parents (and teachers) to realize the powerful impact our words have.

We can point out the negative or we can look for the positive (no matter how small) and point that out instead.

It takes effort, it takes paying careful attention and it can be the thing that spurs our children on to try hard, see that they have the ability within them to work hard on something, and to keep from giving up. It’s human nature to do more of the thing we get compliments or praise for.

I have found that it is very powerful to say “I see this thing about you that is great – do that more!”

Instead of “That’s out of tune” you might say say
“You have a great ear – let’s use it to work on getting right in tune.”
Instead of “That doesn’t sound right” you might say
“You can make a beautiful sound, let’s work on doing that this time through.”

I have said such things to students and seen them stand a up little straighter and really work at something afterwards. Sometimes a single comment like this totally changes a student’s attitude.

Parenting can be hard, staying patient can be hard, waiting to see the payoff years from now from little things we are doing today can be hard. We so want what is best for our children and for them to work hard and to do well. The words we say when we’re coaching them through the hard spots or just the not-so-exciting day to day spots have a huge impact.

In my experience, what students and children need is less criticism and more adults pointing to the things they can do well, and encouraging them to strive for that.

I’m not talking about false and empty praise but someone saying “I see you – I see great things that you are capable of – let’s do this task with that in mind.”

When my oldest daughter was young I would get frustrated with her bossiness and her need to get her sister to do things her way. But, then she kept getting leadership awards in dance class and I started to look at it in a new light. She didn’t need me to point out when she was being bossy and tell her it was wrong, she needed me to teach her to consider the feelings of others and be a kind leader 🙂

We can look at many character qualities from two sides. We can point out the negative about certain qualities or we can see the potential in them when they are channeled productively.

I certainly don’t do this perfectly but I hope I choose the later most often and I hope my kids and students stand a little taller and feel a little more sense of purpose because of it. I hope you’ll join me in trying to do the same.

Source : Suzuki Triangle

Raising Daughters

As the father of three daughters (7th, 5th and 3rd grade), I want to make sure I raise them to value equality: equality at home, in school and in the workplace.  I want my girls to think beyond the borders portrayed in books, on TV, in schools and in life.  My girls will understand that the only limits they have, are the limits they set on themselves!


So where do you begin? It begins with unconditional love.  The love we all have for our children.  We all naturally do everything in our power to help our children in life.  We have to be careful, however, that when doing everything we can to help, we are not creating unrealistic expectations, or limitations that can define their existence.  We have to train our girls to think and do for themselves.

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What Makes an Outstanding Junior Theater Program?

When parents enroll their child in a theater program, they have definite hopes and expectations. Most parents expect their child will gain greater self-esteem and creativity. Some hope their child will get a lead role in the final performance, with lines to belt out and maybe even songs to embrace. They hope their child will have fun and they expect techniques will be learned and applied to help their child advance to the next level. Some parents just want their child to have fun and learn something new. Here are some helpful tips and information to keep in mind as you search for a program that meets your family’s needs and rises above the rest.

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How to host your own backyard summer camp?

When you want all the benefits of a camp — like keeping your kids out of your hair and entertained during their summer break without breaking the bank — think of hosting a backyard summer camp? That way, you can ensure that your kids lap up maximum summer fun along with neighborhood friends, all in the comfort of home and under the watchful eyes of yours. Home summer camps are especially good for kindergarten kids who can get a taste of camp before experiencing the real thing. Camp Navigator lists a few thing you will need to consider before you get a camp in place, Read on to know.

Choose your structure
The more campers you have, the freer you will be! But before that, make an estimate of kids you can handle. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests a ratio of one adult to ten 6 to 8 year old. You can run the camp for a week, with parents of each of the child taking one each day. That way, you will save heaploads on childcare.

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Ivy League of Adolescent Summer Camps

If your little one is planning to go big on adventures this summer and wants to try his/her hands in something new and different, Ivy League camp is the place to go! This is one camp that guarantees the best of camping experience and unlimited fun under the care of supervised counselors. And if that isn’t a good enough reason to your child, tell him that every day is a new adventure at the Ivy Camp.

This is one place where kids can experience a summer full of fun and excitement, thanks to the wonderful opportunities it provides, all in a safe and nurturing environment. For all who are wondering what an Ivy League Day Camp is all about, it’s a private summer day camp located in Monmouth County New Jersey.

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Tips for selecting best summer camps

When snow is still on the ground, summer camps seems to be a distant thing. Yet, before you know it, the school year ends, and kids trade snowsuits for swimsuits.

If you are considering enrolling your child in summer camp, it’s never too early to begin learning about the different types of programs, costs, schedules, and admission procedures.

When choosing a camp, reputations and word of mouth are meaningful resources; however, a terrific match for one child and family might not be the best match for your child or family. The best advice is to think about your child’s interests and temperament, and make a list of camp features that are most important to your family and child.

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Summer Camp FAQs

Sending kids to a summer camp is never easy for any parents. The joy of sending your child into the woods and the wild for summer fun is often bogged down by anxiety and worries over things like safety, health, counselors, etc. Some of the pertinent questions that nag all parents are “Whether I should send my child to camp? “Is my child ready for camp?” Can I afford it?” “What kind of summer camp should I send my child to? “Is overnight better than day camps?”

The trail of unending questions is often long enough to perplex any parent. That said, it’s impertinent for parents to learn about and be comfortable with their choice of camp. And the best way to do so is to gain all the knowledge there is to be gained about the whole camping experience and the camp you are about to send your kid to.

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How good summer camps are?

Which parents wouldn’t want their kids to flower into awesome, confident, mature, and independent adults? But only if growing up was as easy as a walk in the park, no parent would have had to sweat over making their kids confident, reliant and pro-social. Thankfully, there are institutions like camps where a child can learn all these and more, in his own, away from the secured, restrained environment of home and school.

Camp is one of those few places where children can experience and satisfy their needs for physical activity, creative expression and participation in a community — things that often school and home fail to furnish.

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